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  • 1:00pm

    Registration & Opening Networking

  • 2:00pm

    Chair's Opening Remarks

  • 2:15pm
    Panel Discussion (2)-Aug-15-2023-04-42-54-7320-AM

    Panel Discussion: Leading-Edge CDAOs - Overcome Cultural Barriers to Deliver Value from Data and Accelerate Growth


    Leading-Edge CDAOs - Overcome Cultural Barriers to Deliver Value from Data and Accelerate Growth  

    • Highlight the importance of fostering a data-driven culture essential to deliver growth and value amid cultural barriers 
    • Addressing resistance to change within a large organization 
    • Discuss how to effectively encourage collaboration and leverage collective expertise 
  • 3:00pm

    Presentation: Faster Business Outcomes via Self-Service Enabled by Embedded Governance

    • Uncover methodologies to streamline processes and quicker decision-making amongst employees across various teams
    • Strategies to incorporate self-service tools within define parameters
    • What faster decision-making truly entails without sacrificing integrity and security of an organization
    • Promote a culture of innovation and continued improvement to stay ahead in the market
    • How teams truly benefit from self-service tools in their day-to-day workload
  • 3:30pm

    Business Meetings & Networking Break

  • 4:30pm

    Presentation: Maximizing the ROI of Your Data Strategy to Secure Buy-In

    • Further understand the importance behind implementing an outcome-focused analytic roadmap with prioritized business outcomes
    • Strategic alignment: Properly aligning analytics use cases alongside business objectives for buy-in
    • Overcoming changes in priorities and competitive landscape and how to stay agile within a roadmap/ strategy
    • Refresh and define key factors to consider when calculating ROI for D&A projects
  • 5:00pm

    Happy Hour Strategy Sessions:

  • Track A

    Marketing and Data: Designing Data-Driven Customer Centricity in a Privacy-First World

    • Discussion around successful and failed sustainable first-party data strategies and challenges
    • Maneuvering around restrictions to rely on cookies to boost customer outreach that stay within budget scope
    • Uncover various strategies to approach data-driven marketing to maintain trust with customers
    • Introducing data relationship management within an organization and tools needed to implement it effectively
  • Track B

    Data-Centric AI: Deliver ROI on AI Initiatives and Accelerate Innovation

    • Share best practices for identifying the right data sources, implementing data quality measures, and measuring the ROI of AI projects to ensure they are delivering tangible business value
    • Discuss techniques such as data cleaning, data integration, and data governance to ensure data quality and consistency, enabling the delivery of meaningful and reliable results
    • Explore the role of AI in facilitating experimentation, prototyping, and rapid iteration to bring innovative ideas to market faster
    • Discuss the common obstacles organizations face when implementing data-centric AI and how businesses can navigate challenges while maintaining trust between customers and stakeholders via transparency
  • 6:00pm

    Chair's Closing Remarks

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  • 8:00am

    Registration & Opening Networking

  • 9:00am

    Chair's Opening Remarks

  • 9:10am
    Benjamin Donlon-2

    Presentation: The Human Factor: Driving Vision Forward in the Data Analytics Space

    Benjamin Donlon - Chief Analytics Officer - Metro United Way

    • Delve into the essential yet often overlooked aspect of data analytics: the human element
    • Digging deep into the work of a Chief Analytics and Data Officers—discuss how intricately entwined with technology, algorithms, and data the role is in order to understand successful realization of the CDAO vision relies not only on the precision of computations but also on how effectively CDAOs engage teams, customers, and organizational leadership
    • Explore strategies for fostering better communication, collaboration, and commitment among these vital stakeholders, demonstrating how the 'human factor' can enhance performance, innovation, and value creation in the data analytics space
    • Uncover how, with a forward-looking approach that prioritizes people as much as technology, can unlock the full potential of our data-driven initiatives.
  • 9:40am
    Panel Discussion (2)-Aug-15-2023-04-42-54-7320-AM

    Panel: Designing Data as a Product: Lay the Foundation to Extract Value from Data at Scale

    • Discuss the need to view data as a product that delivers value to both internal and external users
    • Strategize on developing a comprehensive data product strategy that aligns with the organization's overall business goals
    • Share best practices for establishing data governance frameworks that address data privacy, security, compliance and ethics—leading to trust in data products
    • Highlighting the significance of understanding user requirements, preferences and pain points when designing data products
    • Explore techniques such as user research, user experience design and user feedback to drive an impactful data product

    Priya Singhee, Global Head of Storefront Analytics, Experimentation & Instrumentation, WAYFAIR

    Monish Balasundaram, Head of Analytics, AMAZON

    Majid Latif, Global Head of Data Science, SYSCO

  • 10:25am

    Presentation: Reimagine Data Architecture to Deliver Insights at the Speed of Business

    • Reimagine the need for data architecture to support agile and scalable data infrastructure
    • Uncover the value of incorporating real-time data streaming and processing capabilities and the impact it has on workflow and outcomes
    • Discuss the benefits of data integration platforms that enables organizations to gain a holistic view of data and extract insights more efficiently
    • Discuss the role of data catalogues, marketplaces and governance frameworks that accelerates the delivery of insights to business users
  • 10:55am

    Business Meetings & Networking Break

  • 11:55am
    Panel Discussion (2)-Aug-15-2023-04-42-54-7320-AM

    Panel: Challenges and Opportunities of Generative AI and its Implications in Data Strategy

    • What are some of the potential risks associated with generative AI and the need for robust ethical frameworks
    • Address challenges of protecting sensitive information, ensuring compliance with data regulations, and addressing the potential vulnerabilities
    • Explore strategies for implementing privacy-preserving techniques to maintain integrity and confidentiality of data
    • Uncover how organizations can harness generative AI to generate novel ideas, prototypes, and insights, ultimately driving innovation and competitive advantage
    • Discuss the potential of generative models to create realistic synthetic data
  • 12:40pm

    Presentation: Increase Data-Driven Agility for Decision-Making

    • Promote the benefits of real-time data and its ability to empower decision makers to make timely decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities
    • Discuss the benefits of user-friendly interfaces, intuitive data visualization, and ad-hoc query capabilities that enable decision-makers to explore data, uncover insights
    • Address the importance of agile data governance in increasing data-driven agility—how to adopt agile data governance practices
    • Explore the role of data governance frameworks that promote data quality, privacy, and ethical use
    • Advocate for data democratization and collaboration to increase data-driven agility across the organization ultimately breaking down data silos and promote cross-functional collaboration
  • 1:10pm

    Networking Lunch

  • 2:10pm
    Panel Discussion (2)-Aug-15-2023-04-42-54-7320-AM

    Panel: Data Science & Innovation: Overcoming Complexity to Drive Competitive Advantage

    • Discuss methods organizations can analyze vast amounts of data such as advanced algorithms that drive innovation
    • Identifying data infrastructure that enables businesses to understand its customers, optimize operations and make data-driven decisions
    • How to effectively use data to quickly adapt to market changes
  • 2:55pm

    Strategy Session: Build a Value-Driven Data Analytics Function: Talent, People, and Processes

    • Developing and nurturing a people-centric environment via collaboration, communication and investing in continuous learning
    • Explore strategies for attracting top talent, including recruitment efforts, partnerships with educational institutions, and internal training programs
    • Address the challenges of data access, data preparation, and data pipeline management
    • Highlight the significance of aligning the data analytics function with the organization's strategic goals
  • 3:40pm

    Conclusion of CDAO APEX WEST 2023